Message from the president

Dear Customers,

Hiroyuki Asai

We sincerely appreciate your tremendous commitment and support.

Since our establishment in 1941, we have been providing value-added products as a manufacturer specializing in window coverings and partitions. No matter how the social and economic environment changes in the future, the Nichibei Group will continue to supply safe and reliable products with stable delivery dates, and we believe that providing excellent maintenance services for the products we supply will lead to customer satisfaction. In order to supply such products to the market, we also believe it is essential to stabilize management, stabilize the lives of employees, and create a comfortable work environment.

We recognize a correlation between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction, and by fostering this relationship, we can fulfill our corporate social responsibility by developing environmentally conscious products and implementing CO2 emission reduction measures during production.

The Nichibei Group will continue to make concerted efforts to become an attractive company that can further contribute to society, and we look forward to your continued support in this endeavor.