Sales Department

Achieving support that covers all of our customers nationwide.

With the development of the internet, the means of transmitting information are diversified.
Nonetheless, there are not many ways to transmit facial expressions.
That is why Nichibei takes a stance that allows us to move at any time.
Face to face, heart to heart.
Because it is around that in which deep human connections take place.
Creation of Human Space.
The odometer on all Nichibei’s sales vehicles are engraved with the words “customer first”.

Our work and results create relationships based on trust.
Always meeting expectations as your partner.

Nichibei puts the basics of its sales operations into the “footwork” of its sales staff.
Since its founding, sales operations have consistently been characterized by “community connection” and “cultivating the roots of the community”.
We support the changing needs of the office and living space alongside the changing times, moving forward with our customers in the region. Presently, in order to meet various demands, we are expanding our sales offices nationwide.
Nichibei remains unchanging in its stance to build relationships of trust with the people rooted in their regions.

Additionally, we try to always collect and provide the latest market information. Moreover, we are actively involved in proposing various plans based on the freshest, most up-to-date information.

In this highly information- oriented era, the success and failure of a business can rely on the acquisition and activation of knowledge.
Nichibei aims to build a forum for information exchange with its customers, and always engages in trustworthy business activities.

Nichibei’s products require space for human activities.
Our customers sit across a range of fields, and the requested needs of each individual vary.
We respond to the demands of our many customers on a one-by-one basis, with products that will continue to provide value.
Nichibei cultivates trustworthy relationships based on the stance of “customer first”, moving forward together with our customers.