Production Department

Providing high quality through comprehensive quality control with our regional customers.

Morning, noon, evening. Our products perform comfortably anywhere and anytime, each with one-of-a-kind value for the customer.
That is why we prefer to pursue higher quality rather than just efficiency.
From production and delivery to the satisfaction that follows.
For each individual to enjoy their own comfortable space.
The Creation of Human Space.
Nichibei’s “product quality principles” casually show through every day.

Producing and delivering as close as possible to the customer — that is Nichibei’s high quality.

Product quality. Nichibei always takes this keyword seriously in order to satisfy customers one-by-one with each of our products.
It is common sense but our degree of thoroughness is not commonplace.
There are three things we take seriously when it comes to product quality.

One is our “distributed factory system”, in which production locations are distributed throughout the country.
The outlines and partitions of our product grouping are, if likened to clothing, not standardized to S, M, and L, but are made-to-measure from each measurement.
By consistently planning production to be closest to the customer, we provide speedy and detailed support.
Our service’s ability to adapt to the customer’s demands is one part of Nichibei’s high quality.

The second thing we take seriously is our “Quality Assurance System”.
This system is a sign of our stance to always provide satisfying product quality to our customers.
The last thing we ensure is the “quality of the factory” for each factory.
Nichibei acquired the domestic and international certification for the quality and management system ISO9001 in January 1999.
In addition, we obtained domestic and international certification ISO14001 in June 2000.
In a review of chemicals and other things necessary in our production process, we are highly rated for our ability in reclaiming the materials we can, which leads to our present achievement of zero emissions.
Additionally, Nichibei has expanded the quality control of its production activities to encompass six activities: “quality, cost, delivery, safety, morals, and the environment.”
This is all part of the introduction of TQM (total quality management), which led to us winning the prestigious “Japan Quality Award” in 2004.

Considering the environment, and working to make our factories green.

Nichibei’s production division (Sagami factory) has gone 40% green.
Making our factories green is an important action in achieving a symbiotic relationship between the local community and the surrounding environment.
In the future Nichibei will continue to assertively work towards making green factories.

Winner of the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center Chairman’s Award (1996): left
Winner of Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Excellent Green Factories (2001): center
Winner of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award for Excellent Green Factories (2005): right