R&D Department

Always considering your needs in advance Creating innovative and complete comfort.

Take for example our bend resistant “Tough Slat” venetian blinds.
If you look closely, you’ll see reinforcing ribbing around each hole for the cords.
It’s these little ideas that define Nichibei.
This focus on constructing resilience is the result of technological developments that emphasize the importance of interior space.
We value each customer’s feelings, solving problems with simplicity.
Creation of Human Space.
Nichibei’s innovative ideas are alive in every product.
The odometer on all Nichibei’s sales vehicles are engraved with the words“customer first”.

The pride and responsibility we have as “Innovative Nichibei”.

From large scale buildings and public institutions, to offices and homes, Nichibei reliably and concretely provides for even the smallest needs.
Our customers value us for our “technological innovation”, and as well as this pride we also have a big responsibility as a comfort creating enterprise.
The R&D department, which gives Nichibei this technological innovation has two main parts: product planning and product development.
Product planning is the grasp of consumer and market needs, and planning a new product or model from concept to design.
While cooperating closely with frontline sales staff and marketers along with domestic and overseas suppliers, they then develop proposals that pursue new comfort and value based on current trends.
Product development is the technological creativity that takes up the concept from product planning — repeating the design and prototyping phase to make the ideal into something concrete.

With current concerns for the environment, waste reduction, healthy living and aging generations, we are adding products to our line-up that address these needs at an early stage.
For example, our “Titanium Oxide Coated Slat” venetian blinds use a photocatalyst, and we use materials that do not use formaldehyde and materials made from recycled plastic bottles to make products that predict the needs of this generation.
On top of that we are promoting the development of recyclable products with parts that are easily disassembled, and lists of the materials in each plastic part.