Venetian Blinds


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model code:AX

Model code: AX

High grade venetian blindModel code: AX

With its simple design and excellent functionality, this high grade venetian blind series achieves desired light control in any room. Resistant to wind and water, this high light shielding blind can well serve your window treatment needs, regardless of room type or window shape.

model code:AS

Model code: AS

Standard venetian blindModel code: AS

This popular and economical blind available in a wide variety of colors can be mounted over general windows, both in living rooms and in stores and offices, to create space filled with optimized light.

model code:UK

Model code: UK

Wood blindModel code: UK

Decorating windows with wood that represents warmth, harmony, and natural beauty—your interior dreams will come true with this model.

model code:UKP

Model code: UKP

Bamboo blindModel code: UKP

The POPOLA series now offers a bamboo blind that uses an Earth-friendly eco-material, “bamboo.”

model code:UMC

Model code: UMC

Venetian blindModel code: UMC

This innovative mono-control model pursues both superb operability and exquisite form for the office, and can be raised, lowered, and tilted using a single cord.

model code:UTC

Model code: UTC

Venetian blindModel code: UTC

This new mono-control model can be lowered smoothly and stopped in an instant with a single cord.